MediCar will help

Our specialists will make sure that the transportation of patients and people with disabilities is as comfortable and safe as possible. 

The service is provided in Kyiv and Ukraine on C class vehicles and above from door to door. 

MediCar will not leave you in trouble - we transport patients with COVID-19 in specialized vehicles with the highest level of protection, and medical staff can provide assistance along the way. 


Details on rates, vehicles, etc. can be requested from our operators.

MediCar starting from 600 UAH

Includes support from the door of the apartment to the car, from the car to the destination (reception, or reception of the clinic/medical institution), assistance with transportation of personal belongings (one bag or suitcase). Our standard cars are C class and above.

MediCar + starting from 700 UAH

Cars have a designated space for a wheelchair.

Reanimobile starting from 1500 UAH

Transportation of bedridden patients and persons in need of medical supervision and connection of medical equipment in specialized cars. The complete setting of the vehicle is carried out according to the request and the diagnosis of the transported.

Orders must be made at least 24 hours pre-transportation.

Medicine delivery starting from 300 UAH

We will find and deliver the over-the-counter medication you need*

* please contact our operators for more info.

Mobility help starting from 900 UAH

Our strong medical staff will make sure your movements between locations or floors are secure, safe and easy. This service is provided separately from car transportation.

Medical Aviation

A specifically equipped plane will take you anywhere in Ukraine and all around the world. Service includes all necessary medical equipment, doctor's or medical team's supervision. Additionally, we would gladly arrange for transfers and patient's family or accompanying people to stay in the place of treatment.


1. How to prepare for the trip? 

Our operators will be happy to help you with choosing the time, type of service, advise on properly preparing the patient. 

- Assess the patient's condition 

We do not recommend transporting the patient in case of exacerbations and sudden deterioration of health, as it is not safe. Our operators will advise whether in such cases you should order a resuscitation vehicle accompanied by a doctor, or refrain from traveling until the moment of stabilization. 

Immediately before leaving, we ask you to measure the patient's pressure and temperature to make sure they are in good condition, treat the wounds and make a bandage. 

- Prepare morally 

At the time of illness, any change in location can become a significant stress for the patient. That is why a few days before transportation it is worth start ing a conversation and paying attention to the wishes of the transported - we will only be grateful for tips on how to make the trip as comfortable and calm as possible. 

- Do not forget the documents 

During transportation, the only document required is a patient's identity card. In case of planned hospitalization, it is necessary to have also a negative test for covid-19. If necessary, we will help with a trip to the laboratory to take the test.

 Depending on the hospital's policy, you may need to bring a referral for hospitalization. 

 - Collect things 

We will ask you to prepare personal belongings for the trip in advance, as the price includes 10 minutes of waiting time. 

 2. Covid 

We care about your safety and therefore do really follow the rules of antiseptics in our cars. Drivers are always wearing a mask, which is changed regularly (4 times a day), the vehicle is disinfected before each departure. 

All passengers must wear in masks. Persons who have symptoms of respiratory diseases, atypical pneumonia, signs / or confirmed diagnoses of viral and infectious diseases, are recommended for transportation in specially equipped resuscitation vehicles. 


 3. When to place an order? 

Please handle orders in advance. Resuscitation vehicles must be ordered at least 1 day before transportation (it is necessary to provide equipment for the car and notify the medical staff about the details). 

 4. What services are included in the cost? 

The cost of all fares includes a 10-minute waiting time and assistance in descending to the car, provided there is an elevator on the floor. In other cases, you can order additional services: descent and ascent in the absence of an elevator on the floor, additional waiting time, assistance with extra luggage, stops and shopping along the route, etc.

 Please note that we do not provide refunds for services of MediCar, MediCar + and Medicine delivery in case of cancellation after the payment has been made. 

5. Who needs medical transportation? 

This service can be useful for people with limited mobility - people with disabilities, fractures, spinal injuries, bedridden patients, etc., as well as before hospitalization and after surgeries. 

We especially recommend the MediCar service for transporting the elderly for their comfort - our driver will help them go down the stairs and carry things to the car. 

6. How is long-distance transportation in Ukraine carried out? 

MediCar provides medical transportation services in Ukraine - please make an order, and our operators will calculate the route and costs in detail. 

7. Who needs support? What do you need to know? 

The presence of support is a significant advantage - all cars have room for one person, except the patient. It is necessary to accompany bedridden patients. 

8. Confidentiality and data processing 

We assure you that all the data obtained will be used solely to provide quality transportation services and ensure maximum comfort. 

Personal data will only be stored in order to be  processed by our operators and drivers. 

We respect medical confidentiality, so information about the diagnosis is visible only to the operator. If important details about the patient's health have not been reported and the actual state of health is worse than previously given, the driver may refuse to perform the transportation without any refund.